When you're buying a home one of the first things you're going to be thinking about is where in the city you would like it to be located. Whether you're looking at an Ontario home for sale or a property in Rome Italy (see here), you will find that there are some areas where the price will drastically rise or lower in price just by moving a few blocks one way or the other. So, when you're selling a home there are many things that you're going to want to consider in terms of location.

One of the things that helps a home sell quickly is an appropriate listing price for the area and current market. When you're looking at similar homes in the area the radius that you're working with will depend on the density of homes in that section of real estate. If you're marketing vacation rentals in Mexico for example, than you might stick to the properties that have recently sold that are along the same section of beach. If instead you're selling a condo in Vancouver you might be looking at homes that have sold within your specific neighborhood, which is usually no more than about twenty square blocks.

Once you know the best price for your property, you should start thinking of the reasons why people would want to live in your neighborhood. If you're living in a popular area than there are certainly going to be some concrete factors that make that section of the city or country more desirable than other regions. Access to public transportation is something that can drive the price up for homes in major cities. If you're selling a city condo that's less than a minute from a subway line that it will be more valuable than the same style of unit in a less accessible area.

Another aspect of the location that might help you sell a home is the view. There are many condos built in the downtown core of cities like Chicago or New York that take advantage of a panoramic view of the water or the skyline. On the other hand, if you've got a backyard or plot that includes overlooking a ravine or vineyard or mountains, you're going to want to make sure you highlight this feature in your listing with pictures.

When asking real estate experts what one of the most important elements of a home is they are always going to include location on the list. When choosing that property in a popular neighborhood it's likely you were willing to pay some extra to be in that area. Potential buyers will likely be thinking the same way.

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